Music Supervision



Shelter Dir: Paul Bettany; Producer Bifrost Pictures

Muted Dir: Rachel Goldberg; Rainy Day Bliss

Zon261 Dir: Fredrik Hiller; Producer Krushuset Productions

Dirty Beautiful: Dir: Tim Bartell; Producer Doggie Dream Productions

It’s Not You, It’s Me Dir: Nathan Ives; Producer Mule Films

Neighbors Dir:  Rachel Goldberg; AFI Directing Workshop For Women

Tough Love Season 5 (VH1)

Making Mr. Right (VH1)


Homeland (Showtime)

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Bones (Fox)

Criminal Minds (CBS)

Elementary (CBS)

I Just Want My Pants Back (MTV)

The Inbetweeners (MTV)

Awkward (MTV)

Live At Preservation Hall: A Louisiana Fairytale  A documentary about the collaboration between My Morning Jacket and Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Dir:  Danny Clinch

The VICE Guide To Everything (MTV)

The Buried Life Season 2 (MTV)



Music creates a sonic space in a film, encouraging the viewer to think and feel between and beyond the images.  The musical voice can reach an audience beyond the ability of picture and sound, conveying something that is not expressed by the other elements. 

Helping to realize and define this voice is why  Black & White was created.   

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