Music Supervision



ATLANTA – Supervisor (FX)

Baskets – Supervisor  (FX)

Lady Dynamite – Supervisor (Netflix)

Are You The One? – Supervisor (MTV)

Ladylike – Supervisor  (MTV)

Guy Code vs Girl Code – Supervisor (MTV2)

Last Squad Standing – Supervisor (Oxygen)

Tough Love Season 5 – Supervisor (VH1)

Making Mr. Right – Supervisor  (VH1)

Discovery Communications -Supervisor  (TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery, Investigation Discovery)

Homeland – Coordinator – (Showtime)

How I Met Your Mother – Coordinator (CBS)

Bones – Coordinator (Fox)

Criminal Minds – Coordinator  (CBS)

Elementary – Coordinator (CBS)

I Just Want My Pants Back – Coordinator (MTV)

The Inbetweeners – Coordinator (MTV)

Awkward  – Coordinator (MTV)

Live At Preservation Hall: A Louisiana Fairytale  A documentary about the collaboration between My Morning Jacket and Preservation Hall Jazz Band Dir:  Danny Clinch

The VICE Guide To Everything – Coordinator (MTV)

The Buried Life Season 2 – Coordinator (MTV)


Shelter – Supervisor – Dir: Paul Bettany; Producer Bifrost Pictures

Resilience – Supervisor – Dir: Ricardo Fidelis; Producer Koanuka Films

Bieffekterna (English Title: ORIGIN) – Supervisor – Dir. André Hedetoft & Andres Climent; Producer Climent/Hedetoft Film

Muted – Supervisor – Dir: Rachel Goldberg; Producer Rainy Day Bliss

Zon261 – Supervisor – Dir: Fredrik Hiller; Producer Krushuset Productions

Dirty Beautiful – Supervisor – Dir: Tim Bartell; Producer Doggie Dream Productions

Artists Die Best In Black – Supervisor – Dir. Price Hall; Producer Badalato Media Group

It’s Not You, It’s Me – Supervisor – Dir: Nathan Ives; Producer Mule Films

Neighbors – Supervisor – Dir: Rachel Goldberg; AFI Directing Workshop For Women


Video Game High School



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